Please send all announcements to be included in the Sunday bulletin to David Howell by Thursday evening at


For those who would like to pre-order cookies for the Cookie Carnival, below is a copy of the 2021 order form.

Return forms to Kathy Speck, 26240 Pine St., beige house across from Church parking lot.

A drop box is on Kathy’s back deck, or order by phone with Kathy at 448.2393. If Kathy doesn’t answer, leave her a message INCLUDING YOUR ORDER. 

Your order will be filled according to the date and time of your order.  Kathy will let you know if we have run out of any items.  First come, first served.

Deadline for turning in orders is end-of-day December 10.

Pickup is Saturday, December 18, 11 – 2 p.m.

Checks should be made to Beaver Island Christian Church / add Women’s Circle to the memo line.

Price list for Cookie Carnival 2021


The annual meeting of Beaver Island Christian Church members is August 29 after the worship service.

At that meeting, we will be electing three board members; the three-year terms of Ralph Williamson and Satch Wierenga expire this year and we also need to elect a person to finish a one-year vacancy due to a resignation.

The board-approved slate of nominees in alphabetical order is:

1) For the one-year term: Bob Anderson and Bob Kuehne;

2) For the three-year term: Greg Lawson, Tracy Paquin and Kathy Speck.

The current board members remaining on the board are Mary Ellen Dawson, Judi Meister, Sue Oole and Bev Vicstein. Absentee ballots are available below.

Although voting is restricted to church members, visitors are always welcome at this meeting. Ballots must be in PO Box 21 by 4 p.m. Friday, August 27, 2021.

absentee ballot 2021


The Beaver Island Christian Church Annual Meeting was called to order by Moderator Judi Meister at 11:20 am on August 25, 2019.

Opening prayer given by Satch Wierenga.

Minutes of the August 28, 2018 Annual Meeting were read by Jean Wierenga. Motion by Mary Ellen Dawson and seconded by Kathy Speck to approve the minutes as written. Motion carried.

Election of Board Members: The Board approved slate of nominees; they are David Howell, Kim Mitchell, Greg Lawson and Jean Wierenga. Vote for 2.

Ballot counters were Tim Pickard and Bev Vicstein.  Absentee ballots counted by Kathy Speck and Satch Wierenga.

Moderator’s Report:

Judi highlighted many of the events of the past year. This was the 56th year for the Beaver Island Christian Church to be an active participant in the community. This was another successful year for all the visiting Pastors who continue to come. Pastor Dan Johnson has been very helpful in securing visiting Pastors.

Every Tuesday evening the visiting Pastor has a Bible study if he is able to remain on Island a few days. Sue Oole has a women’s Bible study each week. Other events include the Christmas Cantata, and men’s coffee every Tuesday morning at Dahlwinnies.

The Food Pantry, which is funded by donations, fills an important need in the community with 9 to 15 people coming to the pantry. The Benevolent Fund is supported by the congregation with offering taken twice a year. This year the board approved adding the Missions fund with the Benevolent fund. Bible School is hosted by Beaver Island Christian Church and is supported by all the churches on the Island. There were 40 children this year and 20 helpers.

120 padded chairs were donated to be used in the Gregg Fellowship Hall, and first use
was for the Thanksgiving dinner in 2018.

A big thank you to Alan Vicstein for taking care of bingo which is in its 6th year.

Thank you to Ralph Williamson for constructing the new storage shed which will be used to store the old chairs and other supplies.

Thank you to Ed Troutman who keeps the church Facebook page up and running and Bev Vicstein who puts the minutes on website and also writes the monthly newsletter. And a special thank you to everyone who volunteers.

Business Managers Report:  Even with offerings down as well as expenses over the past year, the church is doing well.

Presentation of Proposed Budget: Rick Speck presented the proposed budget for 2019-2020 with few changes. Motion by Bob Anderson and seconded by Alana Anderson to approve the financial report and the proposed budget as presented. Motion carried.

Determination of Financial Institution:  Chair will entertain a motion to recommend that the checking account remain at Charlevoix State Bank and that any certificates of deposit shall be placed in a financial institution recommended by the Business Manager and the Board Treasurer and approved by the Administrative Board. Motion by Ed Troutman and seconded by Larry Dawson to keep all accounts at Charlevoix State Bank. Motion carried.

Election Results: David Howell and Jean Wierenga elected to board.

Motion by Larry Dawson and seconded by Satch Wierenga to adjourn meeting at 12:15pm. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,
Jean Wierenga, Recording Secretary


For those who did not fill out a church member information sheet, please click on the following attachment, print, fill out, and scan or mail to Judi M. 

Information Form 



In accordance with the vote of the church membership at the annual meeting of August 2017, Beaver Island Christian Church has created an endowment fund at the Charlevoix County Community Foundation to provide financial support of our mission for the long-term. 

The Community Foundation provides professional investment management and administration of the Fund, and each year the income from the Fund provides another source of funding for our church.  

The Fund provides options for donors, who may:

  • Support long-term financial health by giving to Beaver Island Christian Church Endowment Fund, or
  • in support of Church operations by giving to the Beaver Island Christian Church Grant-Making Fund, or
  • both

The endowment fund also presents an excellent option for donors who wish to make estate gifts.

To learn more about the Beaver Island Christian Church Fund or for current information on financials, please contact Rick Speck at 231.448.2830 or at

A donation can be completed on-line or you can find additional information on the Charlevoix County Community Foundation and its gift program by clicking the following link:  Charlevoix County Community Foundation or calling 231.536.2440.

Gifts can be sent to the attention of Rick Speck at the Beaver Island Christian Church or you can mail a check to Charlevoix County Community Foundation, PO Box 718, East Jordan, MI  49727.  Be sure to indicate your support of the Beaver Island Christian Church Fund on your check. 

Below is a link to the Community Foundation’s donation page. All gifts are fully tax-deductible. You will receive a written acknowledgment of your donation, which you should keep for your financial records.

Community Foundation Donations

Thank you.



If you or one of your visitors is willing to play piano or organ or provide special music, please contact Judi or sign up on the bulletin board.