Praise God for His gift to us of eternal life!
Our freedom to worship.
For our families, friends, and church family.
Praise God for the opportunity to gather together again to worship.
Praise God for Lil Gregg who turned 96 on December 13.

January 18 – Pete Plastrik and Carol Snider
January 21 – Frank Parkinson
January 22 – Sue Oole
January 26 – Ann Willis

Linda Troutman
Carol Bearss
Joddy Croswhite
Families of Hugh Cole, Elwood Baker and David Duda
Phyllis Moore
Pam Gerecke
Rick Speck
Vivian Bracey’s brother, Doug Englehart
Shirley Sowa
Alice Crown
Caitlin Boyle
Sue Kuehne
Pat Rowley
Owen McDonough
Mark and CJ CarringtonĀ 
Pastor Josh JohnsonĀ 
Craig Petrak
Dorothy Willis
Prayers for our country in the face of natural disasters, and the world in the face of COVID19.
Caregivers of the ill and elderly
Families and friends who have recently lost loved ones
Non-partisan prayers for our country
Those in our Island family who currently or previously served in the military
Pray for peace in our Island community.

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