Praise God for His gift to us of eternal life!
Our freedom to worship.
For our families, friends, and church family.
Lil Gregg – at 90+ years of age, as soon as she gets to church she checks to see if the coffee pot is on, and if it’s not, she sets things up for after-church coffee and fellowship time. Thanks to Lil for being the “Coffee Lady” for many, many years.

A big thank you to Ralph Williamson, David Howell, and Bob Bass for “behind-the-scenes” help that we sometimes don’t notice – replacing storm door at the parsonage, fixing the door to the parking lot, changing light bulbs, etc.  Thank you, gentlemen.

May 1 – Dave Crown 
May 3 – Dale Scamehorn
May 5 – Pastor Bob Whitlock
May 7 – Dave Avery
May 10 – Deb Plastrik
May 22 – Alden Walters
May 23 – Mary Johnson
May 26 – Lysander McGinnity

Susie Fisher
Linda Troutman
Mary Ellen’s sister, Sally
Phyllis Moore
Sally Smith
Caitlin Boyle
Kathy Speck’s brother, Dan Rafferty
Pat and John Rowley
Judi’s Mom, Kay Post
Sherry Johnson, PO Box 1227, Kalkaska, MI   49646
Chuck Carpenter
Glen Felixson
Kim Mitchell’s father
Howard Davis’s son, John
Don Meister
Josh Scripps & family
Families and friends who have recently lost loved ones
Non-partisan prayers for our country
Those in our Island family who currently or previously served in the military
Pray for peace in our Island community.

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