Praise God for His gift to us of eternal life!
Our freedom to worship.
For our families, friends, and church family.
Praise for safe arrival of Dave and Alice Crown.

March 3 – Linda Troutman and Gayle Amstutz
March 8 – Alan Vicstein
March 10 – Jeff Connor
March 13 – Ralph Williamson
March 16 – Joe (Deputy) Callian
March 22 – Rick Speck
March 23 – Patty Drenth and Nadra Johnson
March 24 – Larry Dawson, Pam Gerecke, Greg Lawson

Linda Troutman
Family of Joe Rahn
Karl Heller
Family of Pat Boyle
Kirk and Brenda Welter
Lydia’s friend, Kate, and her family
Tim and Jan Pickard
Alice & David Crown
Owen McDonough
Mark and CJ Carrington upon the passing of CJ’s Mother and one of her sisters
Pastor Dan Johnson and family, PO Box 1227, Kalkaska, MI   49646
Kelly, Alan & Bev Vicstein’s daughter, and Bella, their granddaughter
Family of Naomi Kruse
Steve Crandall 
Family of Ron Stith
Tracy Paquin’s brother
Dorothy Willis
Sue Kuehne
Prayers for our country and the world in the face of COVID19.
Caregivers of the ill and elderly
Families and friends who have recently lost loved ones
Non-partisan prayers for our country
Those in our Island family who currently or previously served in the military
Pray for peace in our Island community.

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