Praise God for His gift to us of eternal life!
Our freedom to worship.
For our families, friends, and church family.
Lil Gregg – at 90+ years of age, as soon as she gets to church she checks to see if the coffee pot is on, and if it’s not, she sets things up for after-church coffee and fellowship time. Thanks to Lil for being the “Coffee Lady” for many, many years.

A big thank you to Ralph Williamson, David Howell, and Bob Bass for “behind-the-scenes” help that we sometimes don’t notice – replacing storm door at the parsonage, fixing the door to the parking lot, changing light bulbs, etc.  Thank you, gentlemen.

August 1 – Janee Boyles Visel
August 4 – Tracy Paquin
August 7 – Sue Avery
August 15 – Fred Boyles
August 17 – Riley Williamson
August 20 – Ruthie Gregg
August 26 – Alana Anderson
August 29 – Naomi Kruse

Linda Troutman
Mary Ellen’s sister, Sally
Phyllis Moore
Sally Smith
Caitlin Boyle Wetzel
Kathy Speck’s brother, Dan Rafferty, also sisters Nancy and Joanie
Bev Vicstein
Alice & David Crown
Sherry Johnson, PO Box 1227, Kalkaska, MI   49646
Chuck & Jean Carpenter
Carol Geskus’ sister, Mary
Cheryl Pemberton (friend of Jan Pickard)
Baby Eleanor Foli
Kim Mitchell’s family
Howard Davis’s son, John
Don Meister
Josh Scripps & family
Families and friends who have recently lost loved ones
Non-partisan prayers for our country
Those in our Island family who currently or previously served in the military
Pray for peace in our Island community.

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