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For those who did not fill out an information sheet, please click on the following attachment, print, fill out, and scan or mail to Judi M. 

Information Form 


The Annual Meeting of the Beaver Island Christian Church is scheduled for August 27 after the church service.  

Two Board Members (3-year terms) will be elected at that meeting.  The current terms of Jon Fogg and Judi Meister expire this year.  In addition, one Board Member will be elected to finish the term of Howard Davis (1-year term).  

Ralph Williamson is Chair of the Nominating Committee (448.2532). Other Committee Members are Alana Anderson (448.2684) and Kathy Speck (448.2393).  

The Board-approved slate of nominees will be presented to the congregation August 13.  

Church members who have signed the membership book, but who will be off-island (or otherwise unable to attend the Annual Meeting) can vote using the attached Absentee Ballot.  The completed ballot can be e-mailed to Judi M. at the e-mail address above, or mailed to PO Box 21, Beaver Island, MI   49782.  

If mailing, your ballot must be received prior to Friday, August 25.

Below is the attached ballot.

Absentee Ballot 2017


If you or one of your visitors is willing to play piano or organ or provide special music, please contact Judi or sign up on the bulletin board.



Moderator Judy Meister called the regular meeting of the Beaver Island Christian Board to order at 4pm on January 9, 2017.  Meeting held at the Beaver Island Rural Health Center.  Also present were Mary Ellen Dawson, Ralph Williamson, Jon Fogg, Rick Speck and Recording Secretary Jean Wierenga.  Absent were Rose Spershott, Howard Davis, and Mary Jane Lawson.

Mary Ellen opened the meeting with prayer.

There were no additions to agenda and no correspondence.

Approval of minutes:  Motion by Mary Ellen and seconded by Jon to approve the minutes of the November meeting.  Motion carried.

Financial Reports for November and December:  For both November and December, Rick stated the budget was ahead on income and behind budget on expense.  Motion by Ralph to approve both financial reports.  Seconded by Judi. Motion carried.

Worship and Music:

 2017 Pastor list filled until late November. 

Pastor Dan Johnson stated he and his wife would like to come for the whole month of December 2017, if agreeable with board.  Also would need a rental for two other couples(family) for a part of the month.  If that wouldn’t work out, they would go home on the 24th of December.  Discussed by board, but other housing might be an issue. Nothing definite at this time.

Judi suggests we sing the second verse to “God Be With You Until We Meet Again”, which is:  God be with you until we meet again.  Neath his wings protecting, hide you, Daily manna still provide you, God be with you until we meet again.

Building and Grounds:

Ralph stated he could not find a leak in attic at parsonage.  Will put a waterproof spray paint on in spring.  Also Ralph will take care of putting a chimney cap on the chimney at the parsonage to keep squirrels out.

Mary Ellen will paint bathroom in parsonage in February.

The area above door at the Fellowship Center still has not been repaired, so Ron Wojan stated he would take care of it.

New Business: 

Initial Discussion re:  establishing an Endowment Fund:  Pro’s and con’s of establishing an endowment fund thru the Charlevoix County Foundation was discussed.  Judi suggests board think this over for a couple months and then discuss further. 

Winter meeting time changed to 3:30pm.  Next meeting on February 13, 2017.

Jean Wierenga, Recording Secretary


Moderator Judi Meister called the regular Board meeting of the Beaver Island Christian Church to order at 4 p.m. on November 14, 2016.  Meeting held in the Beaver Island Rural Health Center conference room.  Also present were Howard Davis, MaryEllen Dawson, Rose Spershott, Ralph Williamson, Rick Speck, and Recording Secretary Jean Wierenga.  Absent were Mary Jane Lawson and Jon Fogg.

Howard opened the meeting with prayer.

Motion by Howard and seconded by Rose to approve the minutes of the October 8, 2016 meeting as written.  Motion carried.

Financial Report:  Rick stated the furnace is now paid for and donations still coming in.  Motion by Howard and seconded by MaryEllen to accept the financial report.  Motion carried.

Worship and Music:  Pastor schedule now full for upcoming year.  A Christmas musical is being planned this year with a variety of music.

Women’s Circle:  Everything in place for Thanksgiving dinner except need more helpers.

Building and Grounds:  A de-humidifier will need to be purchased next spring.  The fuel oil is out of tank.  The buried tank will be filled with sand rather than dig it out.  This to be done in Spring.  No word on green storage tank at this time.  Will give to Martin’s if they can use it.  Again, there is dampness around the fireplace chimney in the parsonage.  Ralph will check in attic to look where it might be coming in.

No Old Business:

New Business:  Snowplow bids – one bid received from Jean’s Lawn Service for $60 / hour.  Motion by Howard and seconded by Ralph to accept bid.  Motion carried.

Round Robin:  Question about the temperature in the sanctuary on Sunday morning.  Will re-program thermostat for warmth.

No meeting in December.  Next meeting on January 9, 2017.

Jean Wierenga, Recording Secretary


Moderator, Judi Meister, called the regular meeting of the Beaver Island Christian Church Board to order at 12 noon on October 8, 2016.  Also present were Howard Davis, Mary Ellen Dawson, Rose Spershott, and Rick Speck.  Mary Jane Lawson was on speaker phone.  Jon Fogg and Ralph Williamson were absent.

Howard opened the meeting with prayer.

No additions to agenda.

Judi welcomed Mary Jane as the new Board member.  A card was also circulated for Board members to sign thanking Doug Amstutz for his service to the Board.


  • Women’s Resource Center information on church bulletin board.
  • A thank you was read from the Beaver Island Cultural Arts Association for helping make the BICAA’s Baroque on Beaver Music Festival a success.


Motion by Howard and seconded by MaryEllen to approve the minutes of the August 8 Board meeting as written.  Motion carried.

Annual Meeting Minutes read and will appear on website as a draft.

Financial Reports:  Board reviewed both August and September financial reports.  Rick explained both months ahead of budget.  Motion by Howard and seconded by Rose to approve the financial reports.  Motion carried.

Worship and Music:

  • Communion Schedule passed around for signatures.
  • Schedule for Visiting Pastors almost filled through October 2017.
  • Christmas:  Board decided to have traditional Christmas Eve Service, then no service on Christmas Day.

Women’s Circle:

Rose stated the Women’s Circle is getting ready for fall activities.  The Cookie Carnival will be held on Saturday, December 10 this year.

Building and Grounds:

  • Update on furnace project:
    1. Unused fuel oil has been pumped out of tank by Martin Gas and Oil and Church will receive a refund.
    2. Disposal of green tank:  Sell to Martin Gas and Oil.
    3. What to do with the current ground tank.  Pump out and fill with sand.

Gregg Fellowship Center:

  • October 31 – Trunk or Treat
  • November 13 – Christmas Bazaar
  • December 10 – Cookie Carnival
  • December 17 – Santa’s Luncheon

Old Business:

Dampness on fireplace chimney in parsonage. Check to be made in attic for leaks.  Also parsonage needs a humidifier.

New Business:

  • Organization of Board for 2016 – 2017: Moderator, Corresponding Secretary, and Treasurer.  Motion by Howard and seconded by MaryEllen to nominate Judi as Moderator.  Motion carried.  Motion by Howard and seconded by Rose to appoint MaryEllen as corresponding secretary.  Motion carried.
  • Posting of Snow plow Bid:  Bid notice to be posted and bids opened in two weeks.

Round Robin:

  • Visiting Sleeper:  Person found sleeping in Church in August.
  • Parsonage Usage:  MaryEllen explained how untidy the parsonage was after being used recently.  Took two hours to clean.  Also, the gas tank on the Church car was not filled.  In the future, the parsonage will be for visiting pastors and their family.

Meeting adjourned at 1:15 p.m.  Next meeting on November 14.

Jean Wierenga, Recording Secretary


Moderator Judi Meister called the Annual Meeting of the Beaver Island Christian Church to order at 11:00am on August 28, 2016.

Howard Davis opened the meeting with prayer.

No additions to agenda.

No minutes or notes from meeting of the 2015 annual meeting at this time. Judi and Kathy will prepare notes from meeting at a later date.

Ballots passed out to elect board members. Ballots to be counted by nominating committee.


  • Women’s Circle: Rose Spershott gave a thorough report of all of the activities of the Women’s Circle for the year. They included 2 memorial dinners, Easter Brunch, table at Bite of Beaver, Thanksgiving dinner, bake sale and cookie carnival She expressed a big thank you to Mary Ellen Dawson for taking care of the parsonage, and to Jean Carpenter for her good work as former Women’s Circle president. Again asking for help with heavy work around church, parsonage and Gregg Fellowship Center.
  • Moderator’s Report: Judi Meister gave an overview of events throughout the year, with this being the 53 rd year of the church in community service. Church has been successful with securing Visiting Pastors, having a weekly Bible Study, Christmas Cantata, Holiday Dinners Men’s Coffee on Tuesday morning, and having a food pantry to help fill the needs in the community.

A soup luncheon was held to support the Food Pantry. Organizer’s for this event were Beth Crosswhite, MarkLaFreniere, Deb Plastrik, and Judi Meister.

The Benevolent Fund helps with heating and transportation costs where needed. Serving on the Benevolent Committee are Bob Bass, Jean Carpenter, and Judi Meister.

Bible School was very successful again this year with 35 children attending and 20 volunteers helping. Bible School is supported by all the Island churches.

Bingo is now in fourth year with weekly games in summer, but nothing in winter.

New furnace to be installed this year.

New Sunday School teacher is Bev Vicstein.

In closing Judi wanted to thank all the volunteers who helped during the year and also recognized all the board members.

  • Business Report: Rick Speck passed out the Financial Statement which is from 08/01/2015 to 07/31/2016. This includes all the financial activities for the past year. He explained the offerings are off from last year but expenses are off as well. He then explained the proposed budget for 08/01/2016 to 07/31/2017. Motion by Jon Fogg to approve the proposed budget with second by Bob Bass. Motion carried. Motion by Ed Troutman and seconded by Ralph Williamson to approve the financial report. Motion carried

Determination of Financial Institution:

  • Motion by Jean Wierenga and seconded by Bob Anderson to recommend that the checking account remain at Charlevoix State Bank, and that any certificates of deposit shall be placed in a financial institution recommended by the Business Manager and Board Treasurer and approved by the Administrative Board. Motion carried.

Election Results:

Mary Ellen Dawson and Mary Jane Lawson were elected to serve on the Beaver Island Christian Board.

Judi Meister thanked Howard Davis, Alana Anderson, and Ed Troutman for their work on the on the nominating committee.

Public Comment:

A thank you from Howard Davis to Judi Meister for all she does for the church.

Meeting adjourned at 11:40 am.

Submitted by:

Jean Wierenga


March 15, 2016

Dear Christian Friends,

Greetings from Beaver Island Christian Church. It is good to greet each of you in the name of Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior.

It seems unreal that a year has passed by so quickly and it is time for our yearly newsletter. The articles in this letter are compiled by many in the church who are representatives of various committees and church organizations that will share the ministries of the church from their perspective.

Winter came late to the Island this year. We had just a trace of snow around Thanksgiving and it all melted. We received our first notable snowfall the first week of January and it stayed, with more coming down in the following days. A mild winter so far with periods of cold and snow and a good amount of ice which makes it tricky for walking…….everyday is one day closer to spring. As this letter goes out it looks like spring is arriving and the ice is off the harbor. The Ferry’s first scheduled run is set for April 11…weather permitting,

Be sure to check the church website at Thank you to Alan and Bev Vicstein who keep our website running smooth and updated.

As we approach the most Blessed and Holy season of the year, the death and Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, we wish for all of you a most Blessed and Happy Easter.

Together in God’s service,

Mary Ellen Dawson 

Corresponding Secretary


Easter Sunday service 2015 led by Pastor Bob Whitlock was very inspiring. Our church attendance was about half full and afterward everyone went to Gregg Fellowship Center for Easter brunch hosted by our church. A very delicious meal was served to about 65 people from our church and the community. Ham, scrambled eggs, baked French toast, pancakes and many kinds of coffee cakes, rolls and fruit rounded out the meal. Despite the chilly weather a wonderful time was had by all.

All of the church chairs and carpeting in the Sanctuary, Sunday school room and halls were cleaned this winter. The chairs were in dire need of cleaning and now they look like new. The walls were also washed in the Sunday school room and hallways. This was all done with donated labor and supplies with no expense for the church.


March:  13 – Howard Davis; 20 – Gene Drenth; 27 – Easter – Dan Johnson.

April :  3 -Gene Drenth; 10 – Howard Davis; 17 – Gene Drenth; 24 – Gerry Heyboer.

May:  1 – Baccalaureate Lighthouse School – Dan Johnson; 8 – Steve Boven; 15 – Lee Bracey; 22 -Baccalaureate BICS-open; 29- Mark Bonham.

June:  5-12 – Jan Beaderstadt; 19 -John Coney; 26 – Chelsea Reynholt.

July:  3 – Karl Hinkle; 10-17 – Joseph Fox; 24 – Gene Drenth; 31 – Todd Sutton.

August:  7 – Todd Sutton; 14 -Tom VanderHeuvel; 21-28 – Bob Whitlock.

September: 4 – Pete Harris; 11-18 – Ed Ross; 25 – Gerry Heyboer.

October:  2 – Gerry Heyboer; 9 -Howard Davis; 16-23 – Greg Lawson.


May 10 was the Baccalaureate service for the Lighthouse School graduates. Five students were honored and given Bibles with their names imprinted on them. Congratulations and best wishes to the graduates.

May 17 was the Baccalaureate service for the graduates of Beaver Island Community School. Four students were honored and presented with Bibles with their names imprinted on them. Congratulations to Emily Jines, Madie Martin, Hannah Robert and Meg Works.


The Thursday morning ladies Bible study for this past year included the books of Esther, Ruth and Ecclesiastes. We have a great group and lively discussion along with the studies. If anyone would like to join we meet at either the Parsonage or the Sunday school room at 8:30 a.m.


The annual business meeting was held on July 26; moderator was Judi Meister. One of the items on the agenda was the election of two board members to replace two board members whose terms were expiring. Those that were nominated: Ralph Williamson, Linda Troutman, Sally Stebbins and Howard Davis. Other items of business including the budget and finances were discussed by Rick Speck and then followed by voting. Those that were elected to the board for the next three-year terms were: Howard Davis and Ralph Williamson.


Each spring volunteers gather to clean out flower gardens and clean up the grounds. The more volunteers that help makes the cleanup go faster. We welcome anyone who would like to help. Weather is always a factor on the day that is chosen to work. Throughout the summer season there are always weeds to pull and cleanup around the church and hall. All are welcome to come at their own time to help keep our church grounds looking nice. It makes a nice quiet time to have a conversation with God while you pull the weeds He created. We thank those who graciously volunteer every summer, whenever the need arises and faithfully help to keep our church looking nice. Remember Jesus Christ came to earth to serve and not be served…and that should be our motto at Beaver Island Christian Church.

Projects that we would like to see completed this summer include washing the church windows inside and out and screens all around the building… and screens in the GFC need to be washed inside and out. The kitchen in church needs a good cleaning and about 5-6 people will be needed for this particular job. These are jobs that we need help on. We, the year round residents of the Island, can only do so much and so we are asking the summer people to step forward and help complete these tasks that need doing. If we all work together we can get these accomplished in a short time and less sore muscles for everyone. More on this will be discussed in church after the summer residents return. Please pray how you can be used to help our church

Buildings were inspected and found that all buildings needed smoke detectors…they were installed by Ralph Williamson. GFC walls were repaired near the windows. Cracks were repaired and the walls were painted by the Runbergs. Chair dollies were also purchased to keep the chairs in and away from the walls. Leaning chairs against the walls has scratched the paint and this creates more expenses to repair.


The parsonage has a different refrigerator. The refrigerator that was in the Fellowship Hall kitchen was moved to the parsonage. The old refrigerator was given away.

As most of you know the church has a new car for the use of visiting pastors. This has been a nice asset to visiting pastors and their families….the van is large enough to accommodate passengers and luggage.

VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL 2015: Judi Meister and Deb Robert, co-chairs

A community Vacation Bible School was held in early summer 2015, sponsored by the four local churches and hosted once again by Beaver Island Christian Church. It was a fantastic three days centered around the theme that Jesus’ love is one-of-a-kind. Bible stories were told by Pinkie Harmon, Angie Stipp, and Bob Hoogendoorn. Each day started with spirited singing—lots of motions and movement. Each day the children learned that “Jesus Loves You!”—when you feel left out (the story of the 10 lepers); when you don’t understand (when Jesus washed the feet of the disciples) and even when you do wrong (Jesus dies and comes back to life). There were close to 50 children each day and about 20 volunteers: group leaders and helpers, craft leaders, imagination station leaders, snack ladies. How great it was to see our facilities bounding with such activity!!!

Plans are underway for this year’s Vacation Bible school, scheduled for the Tuesday-Thursday before the 4th of July (the schedule we try to keep from year to year)—June 28-30. The theme for this year is “Everest: Conquering Challenges with God’s Mighty Power”. Volunteers will be needed—please prayerfully consider how you can help. Also, please pray that God will guide the planning committee and bless their plans.

SUNDAY SCHOOL:  Mary Ellen Dawson

Our Sunday School sessions this past year were kind of hit and miss. Some Sundays we had 4-5 kids and other Sundays 1-2 kids or none. As of April 30th this year I am retiring as Sunday School leader. If anyone is interested in the position, please contact Judi Meister. 


Church picnics were held at 6:00 on Tuesday evenings at GFC. A picnic theme table service greeted members of the church and their families as they gathered each week for a pot luck dinner. Everyone enjoyed their time together and would like to extend an invitation to others to join in the festivities this next summer. More info will be in future bulletins.


Jean Carpenter has resigned as Ladies Circle President. We all give a heartfelt word of thanks to Jean for all the years of service she has given to the church. Jean has spent many long days of planning meals and activities that the Ladies Circle is responsible for. In Jean’s final days as president of the Ladies Circle, the GFC acquired a commercial stove and a double door refrigerator and they have made huge improvements for the kitchen. Most of the money to pay for these items was raised at our bake sales. Enjoy your time with Chuck and keep him in line. Thank you to Rose Spershott who will be taking over the duties of the Ladies Circle President.

Alana Anderson and Sandy Howell were in charge of the August 8 summer bake sale. Alana had a purpose in mind… wanting to upgrade the appliances in the GFC kitchen and she also had a matching donor with funds. The Andersons and the Howells did an excellent job of arranging tables and decorating and a large selection of baked goods was brought in by church members. Our profit from the sale was an astounding $1678.75. Great job Ladies!! 

October 3 was Bite of Beaver on the Island with Alice Crown, Pat Rowley and Judy Jones in charge of the “Heavenly Desserts table.” Two tables of desserts were donated by our church members and monies made that day were $270.62. 

Trunk or Treat was held October 31 at GFC. Pat Rowley and Rose Spershott were in charge of the event. The weather was cold and rainy but inside the party ghosts and goblins had a great time and the hall was packed with young and young-at-hearts. The hall was decorated with large inflatable creatures loaned by Paul Niehaus and each table had numerous decorations that were enjoyed by young and old with a great background for many pictures. Hot dogs, chips and cider were available for a donation as well as two kinds of chili made by Gerald LaFreniere which was a big hit. Profit from the evening was $145.00.

Thanksgiving dinner was served to 60 people from the Island. Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, coffee and punch was on the menu. Attendees to dinner brought desserts, salads or vegetable dishes to round out the meal. Newcomers that had never attended before were very impressed and said they would return again. In lieu of donated dishes some donated money. A very satisfied evening was had by all. 

Cookie Carnival was held on December 10 at GFC. Preparation began on Monday before the sale with Rose Spershott and Betty Scoggins making dough for the nutmeg logs and party cookies. At 10 a.m. more workers arrived to help mold the cookies and get them on cookie sheets for baking. Having our new stove this year made all the difference in baking. Tuesday volunteers continued to bake and frost the nutmeg logs. Wednesday was spent packing the presold cookies and getting the tables ready for the sale. The morning of the sale many people from church and the community brought in their baked goods. Cookies, candy, caramel corn from Judi Meister, peanut brittle from Dave Howell and homemade candy from the Dawsons. Expenses were $187.77 with a profit of $1059.98. It was a great sale and thank you to all the volunteers and their hard work to make this possible.

CANTATA:  Deb Plastrik

“THE PERFECT CHRISTMAS” was the theme for the 15th Annual Christmas Cantata that was held on December 5 and 6 and was dedicated to Kathy Speck. Joe Moore live-streamed the event both days for those who are not on the Island and shut-ins, to be able to enjoy the performance. The program started with Judi Meister on the piano and Joe Moore on the violin playing “O Holy Night.” The Children’s choir performance was wonderful with singing and playing the bells to “Silent Night” and “I heard the Bells.” Solos included Sherri Timsak, Mike Scripps and Sally Stebbins. “We Three Kings” was sung by a trio; Rob Groesbeck, Joe Moore and Tom Whitman. The Cantata Choir was smaller this year but you would never know it by their robust voices singing a Christmas Musical, “What Child is This.” The Cantata Choir was so grateful to Deb Plastrik, who stepped in to direct the choir and did a terrific job, after Kathy became ill. We were all happy that Kathy was released from the hospital in time to enjoy the final performance.


The Beaver Island Food Pantry, a community food pantry housed in the GFC, fills an important need in the community. Distribution is on the first Saturday of each month, year-round. The distribution procedure, with a few tweaks here and there as needed, remains pretty consistent with the procedure designed by the original Food Pantry Committee: Jayne Bailey, John Fiegen, Judi Meister and Miranda Rooy.

The procedure goes like this: participants call during the week before the distribution date and ask for an appointment time; appointments are scheduled 15 minutes apart to maintain as much confidentiality as we can hope for on Beaver Island. On Saturday morning, the Food Pantry Committee puts together a box for each person or family who has scheduled an appointment. A typical box, based on family size, includes (among other things) canned fruit and vegetables, canned tuna, hot or cold cereal, soup or soup mix, mac and cheese, pasta and pasta sauce, meal-in-a-box, hamburger or tuna helper, sometimes fixins’ for chili or tacos or some easy-to-prepare casserole. Peanut butter and jelly, baking mix and syrup are put into boxes on a rotating basis. A package of frozen hamburger, chicken or pork chops goes in the box at the last minute. Also packed into the box is a voucher to McDonough’s for fresh fruits or vegetables, dairy products, eggs and bread. There are also tables for people to “shop”: for additional groceries to individualize their box, for cleaning products, and for personal hygiene products.

We needed to compile some data as part of the grant application; and I thought I would share that with you:

  1. Number of different family units served in the last year (regular distributions): 17
  2. Overall number of visits in the last year (regular distributions): 132
  3. Number of different people served in the last year (regular distributions): 220
  4. 12 Thanksgiving dinner boxes serving 40-50 people
  5. 7 Christmas dinner boxes serving 22 people
    1. Each Christmas box included pajamas for each youngster in the household, made  and donated by Nana’s pajamas, a group operated by Bev Russell, wife of former Cvx County deputy Mike Russell.
  6. 11 Easter dinner boxes serving 40-50 people.

The Food Pantry is funded completely by donations of food and cash and by fund raisers. Last April, the Men’s Saturday morning breakfast/Bible Study put on a pancake dinner that raised a nice amount of money for the Food Pantry. Mary Kenwabikise donated a beautiful hand–crafted quilt to be used as a fund raiser. The Food Pantry Committee has a soup luncheon during the Christmas Bazaar in November. Summer residents are encouraged to donate leftover non-perishable food when they leave the island for the winter. The Food Pantry greatly appreciates this generous support from the community.

Charlevoix County Community Foundation awarded a grant to the Food Pantry in November to provide funds for 12 Thanksgiving boxes in November 2015 and 12 Easter boxes in March 2016.

Current Food Pantry Committee members are Beth Crosswhite (representing the school), Judi Meister, and two new members: Deb Plastrik (representing the medical center) and Mark LaFreniere.


The Rita Gillespie Blood Drive was held at Gregg Fellowship Center on July 30. There were 81 people that came and donated blood. Each blood donation is spun into three components: red cells, plasma and platelets. Thus, 67 usable units collected helped as many as 191 people.

Jenna Wilk and Connie Boyle co-chaired the event.

BINGO NEWS:  Kathy Speck

Due to Kathy’s illness we do not have a report for this past year. Kathy and Rick will not be participating with bingo this year. As for the schedule please check the church website for details.